April 2012 Competition Results

April is well and truly over so time to announce the results of our April 2012 Competition!

The winner of the First Prize is Michael F from Germany who will receive a new Freetronics DMD – Dot Matrix Display as reviewed recently and used in Clock One:

The DMD consists of 16 rows of 32 LEDs that can run directly from an Arduino-compatible board, or at a much higher brightness using an external power supply. It is simple to program for yet a load of fun to use. Specifications include:

  • 32 x 16 high brightness Red LEDs (512 LEDs total) on a 10mm pitch
  • 5V operation
  • Viewable over 12 metres away
  • Tough plastic frame
  • Controller ICs on board, simple clocked data interface
  • Arduino compatible library, graphics functions and example support
  • Dimensions: 320(W) x 160(H) x 14(D)mm (30mm(D) including rear connectors)

DMDs are also available in blue, as shown below:

The winner of the Second Prize is Hendrik from Germany (!) who will receive one each of the eleven modules from the Freetronics Module/Sensor range, as reviewed recently:

With this range of modules you will be able to sense temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, light and sound pressure levels, sound and shock. Plus light up with the RGB LED, get more I/O with the expansion module, interface with the level shifter board, control high currents with the N-MOSFET, and power the lot with the tiny switch mode power supply. Available from Freetronics or a reseller near you.

For the curious, the questions and answers were:

  1. Name three HP calculators that use LED displays – There are many. Just scroll through the list available here.
  2. What does CPLD stand for? Complex programmable logic device. (Why CPLD? We were going to review some CPLD gear but it didn’t work out)
  3. In which year was Tektronix founded? 1946.
  4. Which company introduced the term “numitron”? RCA.
  5. Which company invented Bluetooth? Ericsson.

Thanks to Freetronics for the prizes!

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By John Boxall

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