April 2012 Competition

Welcome back!

Another month and time for another competition! First we’ll look at the prizes, and then examine the rules of entry.

First Prize is a new Freetronics DMD – Dot Matrix Display as reviewed recently and used in Clock One:

The DMD consists of 16 rows of 32 LEDs that can run directly from an Arduino-compatible board, or at a much higher brightness using an external power supply. It is simple to program for yet a load of fun to use. Specifications include:

  • 32 x 16 high brightness Red LEDs (512 LEDs total) on a 10mm pitch
  • 5V operation
  • Viewable over 12 metres away
  • Tough plastic frame
  • Controller ICs on board, simple clocked data interface
  • Arduino compatible library, graphics functions and example support
  • Dimensions: 320(W) x 160(H) x 14(D)mm (30mm(D) including rear connectors)

The winner can select either a red DMD as shown in the video above or a blue one as such:

Second Prize consists of one each of the eleven modules from the Freetronics Module/Sensor range, as reviewed recently:

With this range of modules you will be able to sense temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, light and sound pressure levels, sound and shock. Plus light up with the RGB LED, get more I/O with the expansion module, interface with the level shifter board, control high currents with the N-MOSFET, and power the lot with the tiny switch mode power supply. Available from Freetronics or a reseller near you.

How to enter!

There will be five questions for you to answer spread across articles published between the 1st and 30th of April.  At the end of April and once you have answers to all five questions, email the answers along with yourfull name, email address and postal address to competition at tronixstuff dot com with the subject heading April.

During the second week of May, all the correct entries will be collated and two randomly chosen. The first correct entry drawn will win first prize, and the second entry the second prize. Entries will be accepted until 02/05/2012 0005h GMT.

As with any other competition, there needs to be some rules:

  • Incomplete entries will be rejected, so follow the instructions!
  • The winners’ first name and country will be announced publicly;
  • The winners’ name and mailing address will be passed to the prize supplier only for the purpose of prize delivery and not for any form of marketing.
  • Entries that contain text not suitable for minors or insulting to the competition will be rejected (seriously – it happens);
  • Prizes will be delivered via Australia Post domestic or regular international air mail. We take absolutely no responsibility for packages that go missing or do not arrive. If you live in an area with a “less than reliable” domestic postage system, you can pay for registered mail or other delivery service at your expense.
  • Winners outside of Australia will be responsible for any taxes, fees or levies imposed by your local Governments (such as import levies, excise, VAT, etc.) upon importation of purchased goods;
  • Prizes may take up to 45 days to be received;
  • No disputes will be entered in to;
  • Prizes carry no warranty nor guarantee – and are to be used or abused at entirely your own risk;
  • Entries will be accepted until 02/05/2012 0005h GMT.

Thanks to Freetronics for the prizes!

 In the meanwhile, have fun and keep an eye out for the four competition questions spread through the February posts… In the meanwhile, follow things on twitterGoogle+, subscribe  for email updates or RSS using the links on the right-hand column, or join our Google Group – dedicated to the projects and related items on this website. Sign up – it’s free, helpful to each other –  and we can all learn something.


By John Boxall

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