Results – February 2012 Competition

Now that February is over it’s time to announce the lucky winners of our February competition…

Prize One is a brand new Freetronics EtherMega board – the mother of all Arduino-compatible boards. Asreviewed recently, the EtherMega combines the power and versatility of the Arduino Mega2560, a microSD card shield, a full Ethernet shield and power over Ethernet support:

Winner of the first prize is Rosemary H from the United Kingdom.

Prize Two is awesome – and a mystery no more. It is the new Freetronics LeoStick:

From the Freetronics website:

The LeoStick is just like the upcoming Arduino Leonardo, but given the “honey, I shrunk the kids” treatment!
Just pop it into your USB port (no cable required!) and upload straight from the Arduino IDE. We’ve even included on-board RGB LED lights and a speaker in this handy sized board. All the usual Arduino pins are present and each LeoStick comes with low profile header sockets for plugging in modules, shields and wires.

Winner of the second prize is Andrian from Moldova. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone for entering.

For the curious, the questions and answers were:

  1. What frequency crystal would you use with the DS1307 RTC? – 32.768kHz
  2. How many LEDs are on an EtherMega board? Now I have two answers as the question should have been more specific. There are ten LEDs on the actual PCB, plus two more on the ethernet socket. So we accepted ten or twelve for the answer
  3. What are the dimensions (length x width) of an 0805 SMT component in mm? – 2.0 x 1.3 mm
  4. In what year was Ikea founded? – 1943
  5. What nationality is the Hakko company? Japanese
  6. Who came up with the name for the device known as the ‘transistor‘? – John R. Pierce
This month we have collated the entries and discovered the following:
  • 3.5% of entries were from females (up on last month)
  • The most entries were received equally from Australia and the US. Then the next five were the UK, unknown (no address offered), Germany, Poland, and Greece
  • First time entries this month from Moldova, Guam, Pakistan, and Malaysia.
  • Five ‘begging’ entries from the US. Ugh.
Finally, thank you for your competition entries – I really appreciate it. So in that spirit we will have another competition in March – so stay tuned using one of the methods below.

Once again, thanks to Freetronics for the EtherMega and LeoStick prizes!

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By John Boxall

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