September 2011 Competition Results

Hello readers

September has now passed by and it is time to announce the winners of the September competition. Congratulations to all those who entered – there was some great examples of creativity and enthusiasm. We narrowed it down to six entries, and then randomly selected two winners – so here they are:

First Prize

Jeremías from Buenos Aires, Argentina submitted:

Receiving Zigduinos, I will be very happy.
I will move a robot from far away.
I will fly a copter around a way.
Yeah! I’ll be the king that day.

Congratulations Jeremías, you won two Zigduinos:

For more information, please visit the Logos Electromechanical website.

Second Prize

Tim from Baskerville, Western Australia submitted:

zigduino keep baci safe
from koi thieves and poisoners
light with solar flood

Congratulations Tim, you have won the LoL Shield:

LoL Shields are available from Little Bird Electronics

Well that’s another competition for the year. In September we received quite a few invalid entries – always read the instructions and the rules when entering any future competitions. Otherwise have fun and keep checking into Why not follow things on twitterGoogle+, subscribe  for email updates or RSS using the links on the right-hand column, or join our Google Group – dedicated to the projects and related items on this website. Sign up – it’s free, helpful to each other –  and we can all learn something.

By John Boxall

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