January 2011 Competition

Hello readers

Time for another competition. There will be five questions spread across the articles published at tronixstuff.com in January. Once you have answers to all five questions, send your answers to competition at tronixstuff dot com with “January 2011″ in the subject line. On February 1st, I will compile a list of people with the correct answers, and draw two winners.

First prize – Seeed Studio Seeeduino Mega (board only):

Second prize – Seeed Studio Seeeduino v2.2 (board only):


  • Prizes will be sent via regular Australia Post air mail;
  • Prizes are new but do not have any express or implied warranty;
  • If you have won a previous competition you cannot enter;
  • If you know me in real life you cannot enter.

Otherwise, have fun and keep checking into tronixstuff.com. Why not subscribe using the links on the right-hand column, or join our Google Group– dedicated to the projects and related items on this website. Sign up – it’s free, helpful to each other –  and we can all learn something.

Otherwise, have fun, stay safe, be good to each other – and make something!

By John Boxall

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